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Welcome to #IndieAF

#IndieAF is a collection of advice for writers with anecdotal stories liberally sprinkled within. I am a full-time author and if there is a mistake that can be made as an indie writer I have probably made it. Some advice may be terrible but some of it might help you on your journey. While the information is presented for free there is of course an accompanying book planned for release in 2018. But you don't have to shell out a penny if you don't want too. Just pick a post and read along.

Each chapter is presented as a piece of writing advice. For instance the first chapter is called The Heroes Journey and it is designed to help demonstrate how writers should craft their work. Every book, story, or screenplay, begins with a main character. My own journey has taken a lot of odd missteps along the way but allow me to begin by talking about how in the course of six months:

  • I nearly died in the ER

  • I was faced with financial ruin

  • I quit writing and decided to get a day job

  • I pulled my head out my ass a few days later

  • I wrote a book in 2 weeks and the next month made over $10,000 from Kindle sales alone

I hope this is helpful to authors both salty and new. Words up!

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